Dedicated to the Breeding and Training of Quality Pack Llamas
in The Heart of the Sierra Nevada
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4125 Live Oak Road
Mariposa,Ca. 95338

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The Mother Lode Llama Co., located in Mariposa California just outside of Yosemite National Park, is dedicated to the production of athletic pack llamas. The beautiful central Sierra Nevada provides the best training for our gentle, well-trained pack llamas. These wonderful companions carry our tents, food, and all other manner of camping equipment. Sure-footed creatures, llamas are well adapted to high altitudes and the mountainous terrain of the Sierra Nevada and make any camping or pack trip a pleasure. Their softly padded feet have almost no impact on the fragile alpine trails and llamas browse much like deer. By quietly carrying your equipment our llamas allow you to enjoy your backcountry travels without the burden of heavy packs. Best of all, anyone can lead a well trained llama after just a few minutes of basic instructions. Our llamas are quiet, gentle, and hard working and look forward to improving not only your camping experiences but adding pleasure to your lifestyle whether its in the Yosemite backcountry or in your backyard.

At Mother Lode Llama Co. we raise handsome, sturdy animals with even dispositions and a willingness to work. Our breeding program is designed to preserve the unique and exceptional qualities of llamas which date back over 4000 years. Mother Lode Llama Co. has a wide range of llamas, from young offspring to adult llamas ready to suit any need. Whether you are looking for the ideal addition to your breeding program or a well-trained hiking companion, Mother Lode Llama co. and it's wonderful herd of llamas is ready to make your next llama experience a great one.

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Last update - Mon, Oct 25, 1999

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